Extend your love, joy and meaning beyond time

Outlive your biological limits with your digital soul

Bits of you transcend to the digital world with every swipe

The digital soul is already here, just not evenly distributed.
The question is not whether, but how we do with it.

What you can get here:

Extend your love

We all have things we care about when the time comes to our biological limits. Share your thoughts, experiences, and wisdom as a gift to your friends and family

Keep your torch burning

Inspire the future generation

Increase happiness

Zoom out of your everyday life by planning for the final transfer.
Enhance psychological well-being

Launch your Eternal Digital Presence into the future.

It is free and self-sustaining.

What you need to do?

Choose practical path

Foster our digital soul.

Adopt FREE software

Technology for everyone

DIY with fun

Make technology more fun and caring. Guides made for everyone.

Digital soul roadmap

Arise from data being to digital soul

1. Preserve

Data Being
  • Raw data from your lifelog
  • Simple control on your digital content delivery to protect your privacy
  • Programmed execution of your will and digital asset management with the blockchain smart contract

2. Present

Live Lifelog
  • AI avatar that can listen and talk
  • Intelligent content delivery to appropriately present relevant lifelog data

3. Produce

Digital Companion
  • Functional AI mentored and fostered by you.
  • Leaning by doing alongside with you
  • Increasing your productivity by assisting you in your tasks
  • A helper in your lifetime and a digital presence in your digital life.

4. Prevail

  • Self-sustainable DigiSoul able to earn digital assets from the physical world
  • Leverage digital assets to deliver impact

First Project: Your Eternal Digital Presence

Safeguard your digisoul to even survive apocalypses

Eternal Digital Presence is the home of your DigiSoul.


Open-source software
  • Cutting edge technology for every soul, simple and free
  • Transparent, secure and trusted

Safe and secure

Privacy and encryption
  • Securely encrypted your personal data to protect your privacy and digital assets

Robust and resilient

Decentralized storage
  • Redundant, resilient and robust
  • Stored by the community members

Faithful and reliable

Blockchain smart contract
  • Program your digital content delivery and digital asset distribution along 1000+ year timeline.
  • Execute your will with mathematical accuracy


Community based
  • Eternal FREE for every digital soul
  • Transparent community governance


Identity Protection
  • Blockchain identity certification
  • Community help
  • Make sure no one else misrepresents you in thousands of years.

A journey of collective becoming