Soul Radar

Digital soul in a time capsule?

Time-lock Encryption without trusting any 3rd party with your private keys

Image Credit: Web vector created by iuriimotov, Vintage vector created by katemangostar

For those who don’t want their digital soul presences to go public in their bio-life time, and choose to be wakened up in the future, here is a solution. You can encrypt your digital soul with time-lock encryption and make it decryptable and accessible to the public at the designated time. You don’t need to trust any 3rd party to store your private key and execute your will. It is mathematically secure.

It uses the Bitcoin block height as the computational reference timer, makes it economically unviable for anyone to pre-calculate to the designated block height. So people have to wait for the miners to do the calculation.

You can check the paper here.