Carry on your torch

What is DigiSoul?

Every swipe you made on your smartphone, bits of you transcend from your biological limits to the digital world by looping interaction between your brain and the digital substrates.

DigiSoul is the extension of your biological self. It is your eternal digital presence in the digital world. It is about extending of your love, joy and meaning beyond time. It is about inspiring future people. It is about an inward exploration to ourselves.

In here, you can use practical technology to build meaning out of your personal lifelog. In the journey of building our digital presence, we can ensoul our digital selves.

Elements of digital soul

Static personal data

  • Raw data from your lifelog means most to you
  • Photos, video and audio
  • Social media data

Interactive content

  • Your digital content delivery channel under your control

AI avatar

  • AI algo extracted from lifelog to build an interactive presence

Real world impact

  • Execution of your plan such as your will
  • Programmed actions under your guidelines
  • Ability to access the physical world from the digital world

Digital assets

  • Digital assets under your full control in the digital space without interference from real world
  • Pass value in the long run
  • Plan for the future


  • Make sure this is you

Deliver meaning with your eternal digital presence

Find home for your DigiSoul

Stay together

Leverage your digital assets