Eternal Digital Presence: Your voice will go with us forever

What is Eternal Digital Presence?

Eternal Digital Presence is the home and shelter of digital soul.

Eternal Home and Shelter

  • Preserve your digital soul to survive forever
  • Protect your identity

Meeting place for guests

  • Host guests permitted by you
  • Interact with future people and convey your meaning

Broadcasting station

  • Air your thoughts forever

How it works?

Eternal Digital Presence is designed to survive 1000+ years. We uses decentralized storage system to provide non-commercial, community based eternal data storage for our members. Our survive strategy is simple: many copies stored and run in many computers.

The solution is built on proven, reliable, and open-source free software.

Please be noted that is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by any of the software providers.

InterPlanet File System

  • Peer to peer decentralized data storage
  • Robust and resilient peer-to-peer network
  • Eternal static web page

PGP Encryption

  • Complete free software
  • Encrypt and sign your data and message
  • Gpg4win is a Windows version of GnuPG

Encryption with Access Control

  • High standard open source Attribute-Based Encryption
  • Protect your privacy
  • Disclose information following your permission policy

Etheruem Blockchain

  • Smart contract to execute your will
  • Digital identity protection
  • Access control

Distributed Trusted Computing

  • Eternal FREE On-demand web computing for DigiSoul
  • Vivid presence powered by artificial intelligence computing
  • Secure Off-Chain Computing to protect your privacy

Multiple Community Governance

  • Community self governance
  • Identity verification
  • Multiple backups to protect your Eternal Digital Presence

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Why not use commercial cloud storages?

Because the gravity of the business universe is


When your consumption activity


your data could be

dumped due to…

Discontinued business

In the long run, commercial establishment such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive will all gone.

No commercial obligation

No obligation to fullfill your contract

No Identity

No ability to pay for any vital digital service

Any small mistakes

that cannot be undone if you can’t show up.

What about stand-alone storage media?

Eternal storage media such as 5D optical data storage may not suitable for average people usage. Because it is:


Data is offline, dead, useless. Best chance is ending up in some dusty vault


Storage media will be obsolete soon that new devices cannot read them


Presence accessible only to the people who possess them


No access to your audience space